State of the Art Designer Town Houses Byron Bay

Challenges involved in the project

  • Installation of Hardwood timber screening at State of the Art Designer Town Houses Byron Bay.
  • Tight site access and working on top of other trades – 10 villas all had a pool that could not be filled till the fencing was complete.
  • All fencing interweaves – could not just finish one section at a time – had to be complete for pools to be filled. Having to construct all at once but maintaining access for other trades.
  • Working to finish levels that were hypothetical and varied significantly between villas.
  • The design itself of the fencing was complex with carpentry finishes down to the type of screw used (as we were fixing to powdercoated aluminium posts) to reduce electrolysis between screw and post in a highly corrosive coastal environment. The type of select species timber. The gap between slats to maintain pool compliance, all had to be 8mm, no more and no less. Having to work from the top down as all of the tops of the fencing they wanted level and in line but all the different sections had different finish levels. Approx 10 different units/sections.

Products used on the project

  • Australian grown Stringy Bark, locally powder coated aluminium posts.

Outcome of the project

Approximately 200m of, well executed and high end, pool safe Stringy Bark horizontal screening, delivered on time.


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