Timber Fencing


Timber Fencing

Timber fencing is a popular option with a variety of end results, finishing options and decorative applications. Whether your timber fencing is horizontal or vertical, treated or painted, functional or aesthetically chosen – we have an option for every space, use and budget.


Horizontal Slat screen timber fencing is our specialty! We love creating these fencing options for clients. This is a great option for those wanting a bespoke fencing solution. Due to the nature of the materials, we can easily install gates along this fencing as well as install tiered sections and various finishes. One of our consultants can provide you with an obligation free design consult to explore your options.

Treated pine fencing is a great option for home or boundary fencing that is budget friendly. Treated pine blends well into the natural environment and doesn’t require painting.

Mixed species timber fencing is a great way to add aesthetic interest to your property simply. This style of fencing works blends well into natural surroundings and ages beautifully.

Vertical batten fencing is a common choice for backyard fencing. Offering privacy with some visibility can provide peace of mind in my situations. This style of fencing is fairly customisable and can be left unpainted or painted.

Picket fences are not only a practical, cost effective solution but they are a charming one as well. It’s no wonder so many people opt for picket fencing – which can vary in height, spacing width, colour and much more.

We love working with our clients to design custom, bespoke fencing solutions for their spaces. Whether the vision (or if you need someone to help envision it) we can create something unique and beautiful for any space.



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