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Chain Wire Fencing – Partitions – Enclosures

Security & Sports

Chain mesh or chain wire caging is an excellent, cost effective and practical way to create boundaries and secure property or possessions. The material allows for custom sizing and can be installed in a variety of spaces and applications.


Chain Wire fencing is a great option for garage enclosures or car parking storage. It can also be perfect for creating bike storage spaces. This option is a great way to secure possessions and property/boundaries while maintaining visibility.

Spear fencing is a great way to ensure additional security to your property, making it harder to climb while allowing visibility and still looking aesthetically pleasing.

We are able to build commercial and residential sporting fences to industry standards and to a variety of budgets.

Chain and barb wire can suit a multitude of applications and budgets while providing a high level of security and maintaining visibility.

Bollards are a great residential and commercial security feature and can be installed in a variety of applications. We have extensive experience in selection and installation of bollards and can help you choose the perfect choice for your needs.

When you’re needing fencing to keep pedestrians safe and traffic seperate, we have a range of great commercial and residential options. We’re aware of industry standards and regulations and can help pick and install a functional, safe and compliant option.



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