Custom made Automatic Rising Gates

These Hampton Style Automatic rising gates were to open inwards away from the street frontage and up a steep slope.

The gates were required to open at different angles to one another and to open into different positions to maximize small parking area. This required modifications to the articulated arms on the motors, using an articulated arm with ball joint so the gate would pivot as it opened.

The client did not want a floor mounted stop and so a very strong magnetic latch was used to lock the gates in a closed position with a custom made mounting frame to ensure the gates did not disengage with pressure such as wind. The gates were then designed to self close and required safety beams in strategic positions to enable proper function.

Design guidance was very minimal from our client with a Hampton style, double opening gate requested. The gate was designed from scratch.

The gate automation also could link into their existing security system.

We worked closely with other trades to ensure that conduit and cable locations were properly located and installed beneath concrete which was being poured.



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