Bangalow Heritage Timber Fencing Project

I first met our client Jeff on a bright sunny day in Bangalow in the Byron hinterlands. Jeff detailed his seriously intricate specifications for his new fence to me and I quickly realised the level of fine carpentry skills required for the project. I also realised the exact team member to install the project – no one other then the business owner himself, Josh. 

As we walked around mapping out the layout, Jeff explaining to me the exact millimetre he wanted between the palings and facia board, the angle and length of the chamfer running down the Spotted Gum posts that we would later hand plane, the type of security screw we’d use to secure the post capitols; I knew we could pull it off. 

We sourced locally hand made woodworker gates and post capitols from Melbourne. Our supplier B&B Timbers laid out the timbers for us to choose from. We opted for pine palings as the carefully cut out palings tops couldn’t be done on hardwood. 

The project was full of surprises and of course changes, we had planned to face fix the rails to the back of the posts but the client didn’t like the depth of the post exposure so we recessed them with special brackets. Each rail was measured and cut to fit and the client would paint the rails and the cuts before we braced them between the posts. 

On the final day of the installation, I accompanied Josh onsite. As the business owners we are usually tied up in the office or are overseeing project installations but we relish in those moments where we get to work together onsite. It takes us back about 8 years to the time when Josh would install of our projects and I would go with him (in between my uni classes) to help nail up the fencing, or read out to him the programming guides as he wired up an automatic gate. 

When we finished the project felt like a master piece, wrapping around the heritage homestead. Our client loved the finished project and so did we. 

As I stood back and admired the fencing my mind went back to that first day I met Jeff onsite. He had explained to me the type of fencing company he wanted for the project, with the right skill set and understanding. I told him we had it, he replied “I believe you do”. 

That’s the very definition of job satisfaction. 


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